Workshop “How to motivate students to learn English in a fun way through different strategies"

03 iyul 2018 - 06 iyul 2018

Participants will be introduced general overview of approaches in second language teaching and they will have an opportunity to practice ‘Communicative Language Teaching’ approach through some practical strategies. Teachers will also communicate meaningfully with one another, review the role of teachers and students in teaching and learning process and the importance of student-student interaction through activities. Teachers will reflect on different areas of motivation such as personal relevance, self-confidence, rapport, autonomy, classroom atmosphere, culture and etc. after activities. Strategies like “Running reading”, “What am I? ”, “Puzzle”, “Information gap”, “Frayer model”, Facilitative questioning” and others will make the learning fun for both teachers and students.

ATDC Trainer: Gunay Bayramova

Time: 10:00 AM - 13:30 PM


Enhance Student Learning

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