Workshop: Mistakes in Second Language Learning

03 iyul 2018 - 05 iyul 2018


The topic of the workshop is ‘The Role of Mistakes in Second Language Learning ’ and it will consist of six sessions. This workshop is particularly suitable for people involved in language teaching, in particular the teaching of the English language. 
Participants of the workshop will get the opportunity to reflect on the importance of errors on language learning and teaching. There will also be an interactive presentation of the types of mistakes that students make and practical suggestions that teachers can use to deal with these mistakes in a classroom setting. 

Below you can find the outline of the workshop:

• The role of mistakes in language learning
• The kind of mistakes learners make
• Methods that can be used to correct errors

ATDC Trainer: Fatima Aliyeva

Time: 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM


Enhance Student Learning

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